Regular Writers

Derrick Bauman

Hometown: Elmira, Ontario, Canada

All time hero: J.R.R. Tolkien.

Coolest country: Atlantis. It had the best underground music scene.

Strangest place you’ve been to: Church

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Alana Kaye

Hometown: Frankston, Victoria, Australia

Gnarliest thing about your hometown: When dressed as nurses you get offered drugs. Also the beach is great.

Secret skill: I can throw a ball forwards but the ball will land behind me

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Chuck Chuck Chuck

Hometown: Camden, NSW, Australia, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, The Known Universe

Secret skill: Mind Control/Balianese Dancing.

Your “jam”: Pearl Jam.

Strangest place you’ve been to: A Lady Boy drag club in the Phillipines. They got me on stage and made me sing Olivia Newton John 🙁

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John Hoop

Hometown: Dublin, Ireland

All time hero: Steve MacDonald from Coronation St.

Secret skill: Telling secrets

What makes you unique: My fingerprints

A time you suprised yourself: Coming second in a football volleying competition in 5th year secondary school

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Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Secret skill: I am a professional note ninja, leaving nice notes and illustrations all about the place…stealthily

Coolest country and why: Croatia – the Croats love to give you free taste tests of their homemade wine “grappa”, and dogs are allowed in the outdoor bars

Your “jam”: Total Eclipse of the Heart – that shit requires some dramatic dance moves

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Al Tee

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Weirdest thing about your hometown: On any given day you will see as many cars worth over 100 grand on the road as homeless people on the street.

Strangest place I’ve ever been: (tie) Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic Ocean and the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.

A time I suprised myself: Any time a woman has said yes to me.

Secret skill: Splitting cords of wood into really nice kindling.

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Hometown: Franga! – Victoria, Australia

Your “jam”: Coco jumbo – Mr. President

Strangest place you’ve been to: My grandmothers fridge. That shit is full of every type of chutney, mustard, jam and relish you can think of. And you bet there’s nothing in date!

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Luke Owen Smith

Hometown: Scarborough, UK. There’s a castle. Vikings used to live there.

Secret skill: X-rated empathy.

Coolest Country: India. It’s as far from average as you can get.

Beverage of choice: High-end hot chocolate

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Rob Murphy

Hometown: Drouin, Victoria, Australia

Coolest country: I’ve heard it’s Iceland, although I’ve never been.

Beverage of choice: Any beer except for those stupid, over popularised IPA’s.

Strangest place you’ve been to: Mexico City. The scale of poverty outside the city blew me away.

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The Squid

Hometown: Frankston, Victoria, Australia

Gnarliest thing about your hometown: The intersection with a shithole pub on every corner and the clientele that frequents each spot.

Secret skill: Convincing people to read and write for this blog. Suckers.

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